South Jersey Mold Inspections

Why choose Stavola RX

We look for mold and mold-friendly conditions, so even if mold isn’t growing, we will find any places that could have future growth. Once complete, we’ll give you a clear, in-depth report of everything we find, complete with a diagram of your home, any mold-friendly conditions we find and suggested courses of action.

This is no ordinary inspection…it’s the ridiculously thorough Mold Proof Inspection! Mold is really sneaky, but we’re great at finding every place it can hide. Our Work gives you lifetime protection - here are just a few more benefits of hiring Stavola RX - South Jersey's Mold Specialists....

The Mold Proof Guarantee

Gives you lifetime protection.
For new & existing construction.
Transferable (unlimited) to all future owners.
Applies to residential, commercial and institutional.
The best in the industry!


The Property History

Comes with each annual inspection.
Documents the health of your home.
Secures your property value.
Increases buyer confidence when you sell.
Can decrease resale time.



Permanent Mold Prevention

Guaranteed prevention of future mold growth!
Eliminate potential repair costs from mold remediation.
Interior and exterior treatments are available.
Reduce your liability from the health concerns that mold brings.



An Eco Friendly Company

Committed to environmentally friendly methods.Guaranteed eco-friendly chemistry from Microbloc, LLC
We follow the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mindset as a company.



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