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Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products to kill mold

Is your cleaning service using environmentally-safe cleaning products to kill mold and inhibit its return? With Stavola RX you can be sure your facilities are clean and green.

Stavola RX uses Mold Proof's proprietary line of Microbloc® Green Performance Chemistry.

Guaranteed Effective: Everything we do requires effective chemistry to work. We use Microbloc products, which are all guaranteed to be effective. Microbloc has some of the best chemists around, and they have come up with some amazing, cutting-edge formulas!

Guaranteed Safe: Microbloc also guarantees that their products are environmentally safe. That means they’re safe to live and work around.

Reduce: Microbloc formulas are delivered to Mold Proof providers in a concentrated solution which minimizes packaging size, transportation fuel costs, and allows us to carry fewer containers around each day.

Reuse: Mold Proof’s protective coatings are made for both new and existing structures — even when mold removal is needed. This means we don’t usually have to replace surfaces in homes and offices. We also reuse all bulk shipping containers such as drums, totes and tanks.

Recycle: All of the products we use come in 100% recyclable containers.
Cutting Edge Chemistry: Our breathable coatings start with a clay and ceramic-based suspension that is held together by acrylic resins. The cool thing is, our resins do not have any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). So they’re safe to breathe! The Mold Proof antimicrobial won the 1996 Green Presidents Award for “Developing Safer Chemicals”. All together, these products are the safest, most durable coatings on the market today.

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