South Jersey Disaster Recovery

Stavola RX is ready when disaster strikes!

Floods, fires, hurricanes, and other disasters require immediate and professional action.

Typical Recovery Steps:

Assessment: Disaster recovery contractors assess both the damage and the threat for further damage.

Containment: Most insurance companies state that, “...the insured is responsible for taking any reasonable and prudent steps necessary to preserve, protect and secure the structure and contents from further damage.” Initial efforts usually center around containment of the damage. It’s important to protect and secure your property and possessions from any further damage or exposure to hazards, weather, or vandals. This may need to be accomplished even before an adjuster has the opportunity to survey the damage.

Recovery: Disaster recovery can encompass any number of recovery methods, including water removal, drying, sanitization, odor control, antimicrobial treatment.

Dehumidification: When disaster strikes, Stavola RX is ready!


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